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Network Ports and Firewall Settings

Last Updated: Jun 20, 2018 02:26PM PDT
Video streams -- from Encoder and to Decoder/Media Player:
Port: UDP 1770
Direction: Inbound and outbound
Required for live streams

IFB -- Streambox IFB Server, Enterprise Server w/IFB, or Decoder with IFB can transmit 2 or more channels of audio to the IFB client (which listens to one channel at a time).  Both client and server need this port open.
Port: UDP 5926
Direction: Inbound and outbound
Required only for IFB Server/IFB Decoder users.

File Upload (Store & Forward) -- File uploads by the Store & Forward Clients installed on many existing products including Avenir, StreamboxME Pro, and Streambox App.
Port: UDP 2051
Direction: Inbound

HTTP -- For the server web interface.
Files played/streams to Decoders/Media Players are also transferred through this port.
Port: TCP 80
Direction: Inbound and outbound
Required for file playout from server to Decoder/MP; Required for remote web control of Windows rackmounts

Authentication -- Web user authentication.
Port: TCP 80 and 443
Direction: inbound
TCP 443 is required for HTTPS authentication

Remote Connections - Used for remote updates and remote configuration via SSH
For Avenir, HD/2K/4K Chroma Rackmounts
Port: TCP 22, 80, 443
Direction: Inbound and outbound
Connections go exclusively to two IP addresses:,
For Windows Rackmounts
Port: TCP 3389 (Windows Remote Desktop)
Direction: Inbound and outbound
Optional but strongly recommended

ABN (LEGACY) -- Legacy bandwidth measurement mode. ABN with LDMP uses UDP 1770
Port: UDP 2060
Direction: Inbound and outbound

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