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Avenir Temperature Sensors

Last Updated: Mar 27, 2014 04:05PM PDT

Avenir Temperature Sensors


Avenir 2 has built-in temperature sensors for several locations, including the CPU and overall system temperature.


On the Avenir, navigate to Settings -> System -> Other -> LM Sensors.


You will see the following screen.


The last entries shown are the temperature readings.

“temp1” is the system temperature, in Centigrade

“temp3” is the CPU (processor) temperature.

The “high =80.0C” is an alarm setting for high temperature, but the unit will continue to operate with the CPU heated up to 100C.


The above temperatures (55C System, 57C for CPU) were captured on an Avenir operating on a desktop in a climate-controlled office.  If you are seeing higher temperatures, make sure that the Avenir’s fans are and air intakes are not covered or blocked.  If possible, remove it from any bag, but keep it shaded from the sun.

Additional temperatures include various voltages measured across the board, and fan speeds (measurement is disabled).

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