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Avenir Mini, Micro, Drone - Changing Default Wi-Fi AP Password

Last Updated: Nov 02, 2016 11:20AM PDT

The Avenir Mini 3, Micro, and Drone are capable of performing as a WiFi Access Point (AP). All Avenirs are shipped with a default Access Point password. Many organizations adhere to Security practices that require the capability to change the Access Point password. Streambox has published this software enhancement to allow for this capability.
This software enhancement will apply to only targeted organizations requiring this feature as deemed necessary by Streambox and, as of currently, not for general release. Support for this feature is on a best-effort and will not increase or decrease existing service level targets for existing customers. While the capability to change the WiFi AP password ostensibly provides a more secure environment, Streambox is not responsible for security incidents resulting from the implementation of this feature.
Instruction and guidance on how to change the Avenir Wi-Fi Access Point password.
  1. Engineers, Technicians, and End Users responsible for the configuration of the Avenir Mini 3.
  2. Security professionals and administrators responsible for internal Security policies and practices.
  3. Support individuals and groups in order to troubleshoot and make changes to the configuration.
  1. Avenir Mini 3 with firmware 3.1.4 or higher OR Avenir Micro/Drone with version 1.0 or higher
  2. Access to the Avenir via the web interface (not the unit LCD).
Connect to the Avenir using a browser through Remote Config or through a local network connection, and Navigate to /avenir/settings_myapn3.php  OR /sm/settings_myapn3.php  (sm = lightweight UI)
You'll see this screen:
Change the APN name (required) and change the password here.  Click Apply to save changes. 
NOTE 1: You cannot reach the above screen through the Menu system (Settings -> System -> APN Name) - it will take you to the standard URL:  /avenir/settings_myapn.php OR /sm/settings_myapn.php (see below).

NOTE 2: If you change the Local APN name using the standard URL, the password will reset to default.

Problem 1: You are unable to connect a new device to Avenir
Possible fix: The change was not saved correctly.  Change the password again with the same procedure.
Possible fix: Try changing the APN name in addition to the password.  Changing the APN name forces a new update of the configuration settings.
Problem 2: You are unable to connect a device to Avenir that was able to connect before.
Possible fix: If you’re trying to connect using a device that has connected to the Avenir before, tell it to “forget” its previous settings.  The old password may have been stored using a different security mode (WEP vs. WPA) or you just need to re-enter the password.
Problem 3:  You cannot find the Password Setting screen.
Possible fix: Check that you are navigating to the correct URL, which ends in settings_myapn3.php; if you have navigated to settings_myapn.php, you are at the wrong screen.
Problem 4: Settings screen does not exist at that URL /avenir/settings_myapn3.php
Possible fix:  Your Avenir may not have been updated with the package that enables this screen.  Put your Avenir online and contact Streambox Support so they may update it.

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