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How to Configure Streambox Cloud for Facebook Streaming

Last Updated: Dec 06, 2016 05:15PM PST

1. Introduction

Users of Streambox software and hardware encoders can stream video via Streambox Cloud services directly to a Facebook timeline. Often times businesses, agencies, organizations, houses of worship, etc. want to share a live event with their members or the public at large and streaming live to Facebook is an efficient and easy way to accomplish that.

2. Requirements

  1. Streambox Cloud account (go to to log in or create an account)
  2. Streambox software or hardware video encoder
  3. Facebook account

3. Setup

3.1 Stream to Cloud Account

You must have a Streambox Cloud Account. If you do not have an account, go to and sign up – it’s free (as in image below). If you do have an account, you should log in.



If when you log in, you are in the Live Channel view (see image below), you will want to switch to the Advanced Mode (see red arrow in image below).


In the Advanced Mode you will see your video. If you do not see your video, see section 4, Streaming to the Streambox Cloud, below. Click the Action button of the video you wish to stream on your Facebook page (see red arrow in image below).


The ‘Go Live on Facebook’ page should open (see image below). You will then select how you want to post your video stream to Facebook; Share on your own Timeline (default), Share on a friend’s Timeline, or Share in a group. Pick the one that best suits your needs and then click next.

Note: If after you click Next, you do not see the page below, then you need to check your browser for a blocked pop-up icon; for example: in Chrome. Click it, and either select ‘Always allow pop-ups from…’ or click on the link for one-time access.

This is Facebook's ‘Go Live’ page. This is where you can enter a title and appropriate tags for your video. When you are ready to stream your video, simple click the Go Live button.


That’s it! You are now streaming to Facebook.

3.2 Stopping the Stream

A Facebook LIVE icon will appear when a live stream has been initiated with Facebook (see image to right, red arrow). To stop a live stream to Facebook, simply click on the ‘Action’ button and select ‘Stop Facebook Live’ (see image below).

Note: If by accident, you attempt to stream while other streams are open, then an error message will be displayed (see image, lower right).

4. Streaming to the Streambox Cloud

If you have successfully streamed to Facebook following the guidelines in Section 3, then you are set and do not need to concern yourself with this section. This section deals with setting up your Streambox encoder for steaming to the account you use for Facebook.

Once you have an account you will need to stream your video to the Streambox Cloud. If you are unsure to where you are streaming, then you can simply use ‘’ for the Decoder name. Go to the Settings page, and select Decoder in your encoder’s web interface to display the Decoder page (see image below). Enter for Decoder IP and click the Apply button.

Make sure the metadata DRM value is the same as your Group Name. Return to the Home page and click on the Metadata button to open the Metadata page. In the image below you will see that my Group Name is ‘davebo’ which matches the DRM value. If the DRM value did not match, you will need to change it to your Group Name and then click Save.

Now you are set to live stream to Facebook using your Streambox video encoder.


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