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Enterprise Server: Play File on Decoder doesn't work

Last Updated: Sep 06, 2016 09:23AM PDT
On Enterprise and Cloud Server, the "Play File on Decoder" option, found in the Action menu of a stored file, or a current stream that's being recorded as a file, is a method of pushing recorded file as a stream to a Decoder or a Media Player with a fixed IP that's been added as a Decoder. 

In some cases, the Enterprise Server will fail to push the file to the Decoder.  The failure can occur for several reasons:

There is no working network path for http file transfer from ES to Decoder:

Begin checking this by making sure the Enterprise server can get a ping reply from the Decoder's IP address (as seen in the Server's Decoder tab).  If there is no reply, it's possible it's hitting a firewall that declines to reply to the ping request, but it's also possible the Decoder machine is disconnected from the network or powered off.  Check on the Decoder to eliminate those possibilities.

The Enterprise Server must be able to send a file to the Decoder using HTTP file-transfer, which uses the network port TCP 80.  The most common reason for this failing is that there is a firewall between the Server and Decoder, and port 80 TCP has not been port-forwarded through the firewall to the Decoder's private IP address.

If you do not have access to, or have any control over the firewall settings, it may be possible to "Pull" the file through the firewall.  To do this, open the web browser on the Decoder (by remoting into the Decoder, or accessing the Decoder directly with a VGA monitor, mouse, and keyboard), access the Enterprise Server with the browser, and select "Play File on Media Player" from the Actions menu of the file there.

The ES is not configured to supply the Decoder with the correct IP address of the file.

On the Enterprise Server, begin by identifying the local IP address of the server. Open a Command Line Window (Start -> Run -> "cmd") and run the following command: ipconfig.  This will display the network IP addresses of the Server.  Select the address of the adapter that will be communicating to the Decoder-- it's usually one of the ones labelled "Local Area Connection" or "Ethernet."

Open a web browser on the Server and navigate to the IP address found above.  Log in to the Enterprise Server web interface as a sys.admin-level user of the server. Follow the following steps:
  1. Select the "Admin Panel" Tab from the top navigation bar.
  2. Select SLS Config from the new navigation bar that appears.
  3. Scroll down the the entry labelled "server_private_IP."  By default, this field is blank. Also by default, it's listed at #68, but not always.
  4. Enter the IP address you gathered above, and click the SAVE button next to that field.  Do not make any other settings changes before clicking the SAVE next that that particular field.
  5. Reboot the Server, or restart the SLS service (which requires Windows admin access).
Following that procedure, the ES should successfully push files to the decoder using "Play File on Decoder"

This Article applies to both the XE and LE versions of Enterprise Server.

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