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Avenir Micro - Release Notes 1.2.1

Last Updated: Dec 20, 2016 10:29AM PST

A new software update for Avenir Micro and Avenir Drone mobile encoders is now available. To update your unit:

  1. Connect Streambox Avenir Micro/Drone to the Internet
  2. Point your browser to the IP of the Micro/Drone
  3. In Setting -> System -> Update Software -> Update, click Update next to 1.2.0 (This will take up to a few minutes to update your unit)
  4. ​Reboot (optional)

New Features and Improvements:

  • Added frame-sync functionality for SDI and HDMI input
    Now you can unplug (or turn off) the video input while streaming. Then once the video source is restored, video streaming will be restored. This is particularly important for producers using a multichannel switcher.
  • Improved video encoding quality
  • Added low delay JPEG HD/SD preview with up to 30 fps
    The video preview in the Web user interface now supports up to 30 fps video. The number of fps depends on the network connection speeds and the current CPU load.

  • Added support 32 and 44.1 Khz in addition to 48 Khz for audio (automatically detected)
  • Added support for HDMI Ricoh Theta S camera
    The Ricoh Theta S camera provides a 360° panoramic view. Employing the Ricoh Theta S camera, the Streambox Micro or Drone, and Streambox Cloud services, you can provide mobile 360° live streaming. See:

  • Added “Stream on startup” option
    Depending on your needs, you can now set your Streambox Micro or Drone to, or not to, automatically start streaming when it is turn on. In the latter case, streaming will not start until you select START streaming from the LCD menu (or remote Web interface).

  • Added battery type selection on web interface and LCD menu
    We improved the remaining battery power meter by allowing the user to tell the Micro or Drone what type of batteries are being used. This can be set from the LCD menu (MENU/Sys/BATT, and +/- until you find the battery that best matches your power source). Remember, lithium-ion and nickel-cadmium batteries have long functional plateaus and then drop off rapidly towards the end of their charge capacity. Thus, it is always prudent to know the quality of your battery and how long they will likely last so you can change them before that rapid drop-off.

  • Fixed issues with Custom Presets not loading correctly from LCD menu
  • Added Stop and Restart IFB controls to web interface and LCD menu
    You can now stop and then restart an IFB session from the web interface or from the LCD menu.

  • Fixed IFB volume issues
  • Improvements in WiFi tethering
  • Improved security
  • Updated Streambox Cloud IP list

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