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Change standby video / colorbars image on Decoder and Media Player

Last Updated: Oct 30, 2017 03:06PM PDT
When a Decoder or Media Player is not receiving a stream, by default it will display a colored bar pattern with the Streambox name visible on screen.  This is known as the "Standby Video" image, often called "colorbars."

This image may flash on screen if a stream is interrupted. You can change the Colorbars image to include your own logo so that's what your viewers see during an interruption like this.

The following files on the Decoder and Streambox Media Player for Windows contain the colorbars images, with their resolutions. 
c:\Streambox\sb-actl4-hd-bmp.bmp 720x480
c:\Streambox\sb-audio-only-bmp.bmp 720x480
c:\Streambox\sb-hd-bmp.bmp 720x480
c:\Streambox\sb-transport-bmp-pal.bmp 720x525
c:\Streambox\sb-transport-bmp.bmp 720x480

For Streambox Media Player for OSX:

/Applications/ 720x480
/Applications/ 720x480
/Applications/ 720x480
/Applications/ 720x480
/Applications/ 720x525
/Applications/ 720x480

You can change them to your own logo-- just make sure to keep the filename, and the file must be a bitmap with the same resolution (shown) and color depth of 24 bits.  To check, a bitmap with the same resolution and bit depth will have the same exact filesize as the original.

This process will work the same with Streambox Media Player for Windows. 


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