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Setting IP address on Linux Rackmounts

Last Updated: May 30, 2018 01:15PM PDT

Setting IP Address on Streambox HD/2K/4K Rackmount Encoder or Decoder (Linux-based)

There are two ways to set the IP address on a Linux-based Rackmount Encoder/Decoder: via Web UI, or via LCD Front Control Panel (FCP).

Using LCD FCP:

Use the arrow keys to navigate through the menu, starting with the down arrow key which opens the menus.

Find the IP Address:

Go to NETWORK and hit Enter.
Go to NET ADAPTERS and hit Enter.  
Select Net Adapter 1 for the leftmost network connection, or Net Adapter 2 for the rightmost connection, and hit Enter.  It should display “MODE”
Press the Down button once, and the unit will now display the IP address.  
If it has an address that’s not (meaning the localhost, and so the unit doesn’t have an IP assigned), then you may be able to move on to using the web method below. Addresses starting with 169.254 are self-generated random addresses, and you can use another computer with a similar address to connect via web to the Streambox.  

Set the IP Address:

Follow the 4 steps above to get to the displayed IP address.
Press Enter to begin editing the IP.  Use the up and down arrow keys to set the number, including any leading zeros.  Note that the interface will not allow, even temporarily, for you to make a number which is higher than 255 for each of the 4 numbers (octets) separated by periods.  
To save the address, press enter all the way through the number; the address saves when you push Enter on the final digit.
Press the Down arrow after saving the IP to get to the Subnet Mask, labelled MSK.  Edit this in the same fashion.  Again, you cannot make it display a number greater than 255 in each octet.
After saving the MSK value, press the Down arrow again to set the Default Gateway, which is the address the Streambox will use to reach outside the network. Edit and Save this value as above.
Press Down again, and you should see either SET STATIC or CHANGE STATIC, depending on whether there’s already a static value saved.  Click Enter on this to save all of your changes to the static settings.

The job is complete.  Following this process, the software will restart itself, which forces the software to acknowledge the new IP settings.  

Using Web UI:  

This will work for you if you can get the unit online with a temporarily-assigned IP address, such as an APIPA address (generated without DHCP – always starts with 169.254) or using a DHCP address (requested from a DHCP server).  Not sure of the IP address?  Check the previous section to find the IP.

Open web browser to http://[IP Address]/avenir
Go to Network.
Select LAN if necessary.
Click on LAN1 (or LAN2 for the other connection) next to “Configuration.”
Set the IP, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway.
Click Apply.  You may lose your connection to the Streambox because you’ve changed the IP address.

AFTER MAKING CHANGES TO THE IP ADDRESS, YOU MUST RESTART THE ENCODER OR DECODER PROCESS.  You don’t need to reboot, just command the unit to restart, but rebooting will work.

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